Speath Engineering is interested in broadening our expertise by working with other engineering firms on additional large scale projects not mentioned above such as: Airports, Railways, Tunnels, Dams, Large-scale water & sewer processing plants, and High-rise building structural analysis and design.
Site Layout & Design: Full site layout and design for developments: see our pages on Development and Permitting for more detail.

Roadway Design: including: curbs, sidewalks, traffic barriers, R.O.W. information, vertical and horizontal alignment, at-grade intersections, etc.

Highway Engineering: including all facets of roadway design plus superelevation, raised intersections, signing, etc.

Earthwork Calculations

Surface Drainage: including: grading, runoff calculations & determinations, experience with TR-55, and interpreting hydrologic data and groundwater information.

Subsurface Drainage: storm-water inlets, culverts, subterranean storage groundwater impact, analysis of Laminar & Turbulent flows, etc.

Minor Planning: assistance to government bodies in many different aspects of future planning.

Water Supply: Quality standards for water and water treatment.

Water Collection, Storage, and Distribution: Including: reservoirs, wells, well pumps, distribution piping, valves, fire hydrants, metering devices, etc.

Construction Engineering: - prevention of environmental pollution during construction including fueling pads, water retention, erosion control, etc.

Wastewater Systems: Determination of wastewater flows and design of both on-site and offsite systems. On-site systems utilizing septic tanks, pump stations, forcemains, cleanouts, wastewater pumps, pretreatment systems, and infiltration fields (both in-ground and mound). Off-site systems utilizing public sewer systems integrating gravity and forcemain designs, taps into existing systems, cleanouts, manholes & risers, and lift stations.

Coastal and Port Engineering: Harbor & Marina Layout and design including dock and piling design for ship mooring, boat and pedestrian circulation, and more.

Traffic Analysis & Level Of Service: Determination of traffic load generated by projects and their impact on the Level Of Service of surrounding roadways. In addition design of traffic patterns and adjustments to existing traffic movements to improve traffic conditions.

Engineering Construction Management: Speath Engineering provides on-site construction management services for projects designed by and in coordination with our company.

Construction Testing: - (Coming soon Construction site testing of compaction, concrete mixtures, materials, etc.)